About us

Enitor Primo is a true pioneer in the field of custom plastic profiles. Originally founded in 1938 under the name Enitor. In the early years, we concentrated on producing bicycle parts. In 1956, we were one of the first profile extrusion companies in the Netherlands to utilise the advantages of extrusion.

The Power of expertise
Today, we are considered to be an authority in the field; not just because of the production of custom plastic profiles, but also because we are a knowledge centre. Our knowledge centre is located in the Buitenpost facility.

Part of the Inter Primo A/S Group
Enitor Primo is part of the Inter Primo A/S Group. The Primo group has more than 9 profile extrusion companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland, Denmark and China. Appr. 1.000 employees.

Map of Primo Group


Enitor Primo location Buitenpost - The Netherlands